My Story
I became interested in what was in my food early in my teens.  I remember reading the "Nutrition Facts" to
know about calories and protein and also recall my grandfather making us all aware of the artificial ingredients
in prepared foods, as he read the back of the cake box that my mother had brought home from the grocery
store.  It was clear to me  that these long names he read with disgust were not ideal ingredients in food.  
However it was not until my second year of college that I started to understand that a diet heavy in meat was
less than ideal.   After viewing a film which detailed the treatment of animals on factory farms, I officially gave
up meat and became a vegetarian, at age 19.

As a vegetarian, I found myself eating a lot of dairy, in addition to the plant based fare I chose, likely because
it was food that I was accustomed to, as well as enjoyed.  But I noticed the acne of my teen years was
worsening,  rather than disappearing, and at age 22, after a chat with an employee in a natural food store in
San Francisco, Real Foods, I decided to give up dairy products, as this person mentioned that dairy products
might aggravate acne.  I also picked up a copy of John Robbins'
Diet For a New America, that day, and this was
a personal turning point in my perspective.  This book raised my understanding to new heights.  The
devastating effects of animal agriculture on the environment, on our bodies, and on the helpless animals
treated as commodities made a huge impact.  From this point forward, I became clear that humans were meant
to eat a plant based diet, and if we still choose to include animal products in our diet, it should be a very
minor part of our complete fare.  

I became a sponge for information related to healthful diet, holistic healing, and environmental impact of food
choices.  My journey guided me through ayurvedic concepts (from the Yogis of India) of eating for our dosha
(body type), to the concepts of Macrobiotics, and to the benefits of eating a diet based on raw and "Living
Food," and the teachings of Ann Wigmore.  Finally, at a holistic school in northern California, Heartwood
Institute, I was introduced to the crucial skin healing benefits of eating foods and oil rich in omega 3, such as
flax seeds / flax oil (and now available chia and hemp seeds!).  My skin finally returned to its natural healthy
state, free of acne and full of moisture.  But the journey had been valuable.  My new love of nutrition  and
holistic healing was clear.  I had found my path...  I returned to school in the late nineties and earned my
master's degree in human nutrition, at The University of Bridgeport.

Now, 15 years later, I have raised two daughters on a plant-based diet and maintained my vegan diet (free of
all animal products) during pregnancy and while nursing.  Neither child was ever introduced to cow's milk,  yet
both have healthy bones and teeth.  They are well schooled in the importance of eating healthy food!  At 45, I
have the energy to keep up with these active youngsters and attribute this to a healthful diet,of organically
grown, plant based food.  I choose to offer my assistance to others who seek health and vitality through diet
and right living.  I encourage you to contact me if you feel my services would be helpful to you!
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continental U.S.  
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