Nutritional Services
Telephone consultation fees:
Free Initial Evaluation/Consultation Via Phone or E-Mail !
Lisa Bouley, MS, offers a free 20 minute phone consultation or one free e-mail consultation (includes client contact e-mail
and Lisa's reply)  to new clients.  This gives new clients an opportunity to communicate about their individual health
concerns and to ask questions.   After this initial consult, phone and e-mail consultations are available at the following

Phone consultations are available in 1/2 hour increments, at a rate of $30 per half hour.                                                  
Consultations via e-mail are available for a fee of $25 and include Lisa's reply.                                                                              
Additional follow up e-mails are at a fee of $15 for each additional reply requested.

Have you ever wondered if you are meeting your personal nutritional needs through your current diet?
Dietary Analysis is available for $20.                                                                                                                                                                         
Lisa will guide you to a link which allows you to enter your daily food consumption.  Lisa will analyze the data,  and will
provide you with a report, detailing what nutrients are low, as well as adequate in your typical daily food consumption.

(If you prefer to just give us a list of what you ate, for an additional $10 fee, we will enter the data for you)
Dietary Analysis with suggested foods to add to your diet is available for a total fee of $50
Dietary Analysis along with a
3 day meal plan that would meet your nutritional needs, tailored to your individual food
preferences, including recipes and cooking instructions for the suggested foods is available for $100
Nutrition House Parties are an economical option for a class tailored to your interests.....
Pick a topic, gather a group of
friends or acquaintances in your home or other venue, and Lisa will create a class tailored to your individual needs.  
Nutrition House Parties are available at a rate of $100 per hour,
There is no limit to number of attendees.  
Shopping Trips are available
at the rate of $30 per half hour, locally at Greater Boston area public transit accessible stores.
Email consultation fees:
Possible topics are endless, but some popular topics include the following:
What is Necessary to Add to My Diet to Meet My Nutritional Needs?
What are Some Common Deficiencies on a Vegan Diet, and How Can I Meet These Needs Through Food
Choices or Dietary Supplements?
A Lesson in Basic Human Nutrition, With a Focus on Meeting Your Needs Without Animal Products
Food Allergies... A Discussion of the Most Common or Your Particular Allergies, and How to Design an
Eating Plan
Eating to Prevent Disease
Diet and High Cholesterol
Diet and Working With Diabetes
Eating to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
The Effect of What We Eat on Arthritis and Oth
er Inflammatory Conditions
Diet For Immune System Strengthening
And the List of Potential Topics Goes On.......
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Nutritional Services for your Health
Nutritional phone consultations available throughout the continental U.S.
        E-mail consultations available worldwide